Caring For Your Pieces

Our collection is made from high quality materials that are designed to last. However as with any luxe goods, it is important to correctly care for your pieces to maintain their longevity. Here are some general principles about caring for your Hobie Collective pieces.



Our leather has been carefully selected to ensure we offer a range that is highly durable given the often manic lifestyle that our fur friends enjoy. Although the leather we use is the highest grade of leather available, it is a natural product and will soften and develop a natural patina over time due to sunlight, exposure to the air and general wear. Embrace the character it develops as it becomes reflective of you and your dog’s way of life!

To help in prolonging the fresh look and the overall life of the leather, we recommend avoiding full water submersion (both salt water and freshwater), and avoiding exposure to chemicals such as chlorine and harsh cleaning detergents.

In the case that your leather piece does become submersed in water (let’s face it, dog’s will be dogs and often love a play in the rain or swimming hole), we recommend wiping away the excess moisture and laying the piece flat to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight.

Also try to keep your bracelet away from washing up areas as soapy water may damage and stain the leather. If your bracelet does become wet, pat off any excess moisture, lay it flat and allow it to dry naturally.

Our natural and raw leather colours require a bit more attention and care as they are leather in its most natural form. This means that the leather tends to absorb the oils of our/our dog’s skin and is more susceptible to stains from water and dirt. It also darkens quicker when exposed to sunlight. There is no avoiding this for this type of leather so again we like to embrace the patina process and see it as giving added character to your special pieces.


Our fittings are made from zinc alloy metal which allows us to produce very lightweight and shiny varieties of gold, much different to what is currently available on the market. The plating of our fittings is undertaken in an eco-friendly manner and results in a lead and nickel-free product.

Our fittings will not rust or corrode but to maintain their shine, we recommend avoiding full water submersion. In the event that your dog has a little too much fun in the mud, simply wipe down the fittings with a soft damp cloth and pat dry. Or to restore the shine, simply polish with a dry polishing cloth.


Our embossing really sets us apart and make our pieces pop! To help maintain the foil embossing on your pieces, avoid surfaces that may scratch the lettering and do not use any chemicals or harsh cleaning detergents on your pieces.